Friday, January 26, 2007

Brother of the Stranger

“Thou hast made me known to friends whom I knew not.
Thou hast given me seats in homes not my own.
Thou hast brought the distant near, and made a brother of the stranger….”
--Rabindranath Tagore

Well, the news from the orphanage today is wonderful--the father of Rita and Sergey has signed the papers to release his children for adoption. So, our adoption of these two kids will be allowed to move forward. Though we are excited to know that our dream for these kids is coming true, it saddened us greatly to think how this man must feel, despite his neglect of his children over recent years. He is still a father, giving up on being a father. We pray that he finds peace with his decision, and know that the burden of turning these kids’ lives around has been placed now with us…

We have spent at least an hour a day with Rita and Sergey for the past 8-9 days, and they know us pretty well now. Yesterday the translator asked Rita if she would like for us to be her “Mama” and “Papa”, and she said, “Oh, yes! Can we leave today?”

Love to all.


Irena said...

Wow!!!! You are really meant to be these kids parents - I've never heard of papers being done so fast in the part of the world that perfected the word "bureaucracy"! Congratulations!!!

The Boostanis

Bonnie said...

That's great news, and what I expected would happen. I am so happy for you, but even more so for the kids.